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Why Solar Your Home?

Domestic Solar Panels

At SW3 Green Energy Services, we believe that making the switch to domestic solar panels is a forward-thinking and financially sound decision for homeowners. In today’s world, where energy costs continue to rise and economic recovery is paramount, turning to solar power is a smart choice. Furthermore, as environmental awareness grows, homeowners are increasingly looking to support sustainable energy practices.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, we are well-equipped to provide tailored solar energy solutions for homes throughout Croydon, Redhill, and beyond. Our solutions not only reduce your carbon footprint but also lead to significant cost savings, giving you the opportunity to reinvest in your home and improve its value.


Discover an economical path to sustainable energy with our 3kW budget solar panel system designed for domestic settings. Starting from just £8,450, inclusive of installation and certification, this system offers not only savings on your initial investment but also a remarkable return on your energy bills. A 3kW electric photovoltaic solar panel can generate approximately £1,000 worth of electricity annually, adding up to a substantial £25,000 over the standard lifespan of the units.

In addition to our solar panels, we provide a range of add-on products to maximise the performance of your solar energy setup. These include options like battery storage, remote monitoring systems, water heater boost diverters, and micro-inverters. After conducting a thorough technical survey of your property, we’ll schedule a convenient installation date. Typically, the installation process takes no longer than a day, although we may arrive a few days in advance to set up temporary scaffolding.

Once installed, we connect an inverter that transforms the direct current (DC) generated by the panels into the usable power for your home. We’ll equip you with all the necessary controls to manage your new energy, whether you choose to consume it immediately, store it for later use, or even export it as needed.

Smart Export Guarantee

In 2020, the government introduced a new incentive that allows people to profit by exporting excess renewable energy to the national grid.

Homeowners with any of the following renewable energy-generating technologies are eligible to apply:

  • Solar PV panels

  • Wind turbines

  • Anaerobic digestion

  • Micro combined heat and power

  • Hydro

Whilst there is a system size limit to be eligible for the SEG, most domestic installations will likely be big enough to comply. Taking advantage of this scheme means you see a return on investment on your solar panels much sooner than you think.

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